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Harvesting Desert King Watermelons

My first gardening video about one of my favorite foods from the garden, a true summer treat… WATERMELON!!!

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HOT, HOT, and let’s see… oh yes, HOT!

The next few days are hopefully the hottest days we will see this year.  They are predicting 118 F today.  OUCH!  That is just ridiculously hot.  Don’t say it’s a dry heat, we really hate that.  That’s like opening up a … Continue reading

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Some mornings are just that way.

I was hopeful when I went out to the garden this morning.  I knew I had at least one decent sized tomato and it’s been weeks since I came inside without a squash or zucchini. But… this is all I … Continue reading

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Tracking the Daily Harvest

I go out each morning and check on the garden.  The daytime temp is reaching 108-110, so I am heavily watering every other day.  For my weaker plants I also fill up a wine bottle on the non-watering days and … Continue reading

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Desert King Watermelon

These are amazing.  Juicy, sweet, delicious, with great texture and golden colored flesh… so good.  I put them in the fridge when I harvest them so that they are nice and cold when I cut them up.  The boys LOVE … Continue reading

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