Some mornings are just that way.

I was hopeful when I went out to the garden this morning.  I knew I had at least one decent sized tomato and it’s been weeks since I came inside without a squash or zucchini.

But… this is all I came in with…


Oh, that good sized tomato was cut and picked too, and looked great…


Until I turned it around.  Ugh… birds!  My nemesis! (yes there is water in the yard for them to drink, but they ruined the tomato anyway… they’re evil!)


And that was it.  Nothing else was quite ready… and if possible the corn looked even more pathetic than it has been.


I’m hoping tomorrow will be  a different story.

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3 Responses to Some mornings are just that way.

  1. Thank you for visiting my blog. It gave me the opportunity to check out your blog today. A magnificent looking tomato! Shame we sometimes have to share out best stuff with the critters out there who want to beat us to it.

  2. Too true! Thanks for checking out my blog!

  3. Victoria T. says:

    Too bad on the bird! Our first tomato had a tiny bit of blossom-end rot, but uh… I cut it out and refrigerated the good part, so still enjoyed it. 🙂

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