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Monday Update

Not too much actually got DONE this weekend.  I was hobbling around like an old man with my back hurting.  It’s a little better this morning, of course, as I head back to work. The boys and I planted one … Continue reading

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Gardening is a tool.  Quite an amazing tool I have to say.  Of all of the ways that God could have chosen to feed us, he chose fruit, vegetables, leaves, and animals too (but then again they eat leaves, grass, … Continue reading

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Free Range Suburban Chickens

Chickens are one of the best parts of our little suburban garden, barnyard-ish, whatever you want to call it, set up.  We currently have 5, I’d like to get 5 more, this would max us out for our city regulations. … Continue reading

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Sweet Extraction

Sometimes I feel like everything in my garden is an experiment.  Even if I have grown something before, I’m always tweaking the way that I do things and what should be a sure thing turns into an experiment.  Of course … Continue reading

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The Case of the Little Peppers

Peppers have been a challenge for me.  I started these from seed, experimented with the shading and direct light, and some variations in watering.  For a long time I had a great system going where I would water heavily one … Continue reading

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