Still going…

Squash and zucchini are like the energizer bunnies of the garden. They keep going and going… usually long after the kids have thrown in the towel on eating them.

The chickens are still fans.

I still like them.

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Peaches… for them

The first peaches really started looking good.

I was not the only one to think so. So did the squirrels… and the birds… and the ants.

Ugh… I just pulled all of them and gave them to the chickens.


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Not quite what I would like it to be

It’s a beautiful morning. Just the kind of Saturday morning that I love. Sitting in the yard, smoking a stogie, watching the chickens eat and enjoying the coolness before a hot day.

The garden however is not what I would like it to be. The beds need replacing and something done to protect the produce from all kinds of predators. Rabbits have even begun invading the backyard. The only real thing producing at the moment are the summer squashes.

I’ll harvest what garlic there is today. It won’t be a great harvest but there should be a few good ones. We’ll see.

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Why do we live here

Yes, it is that season and a bad one at that. So many days above 110 I’ve lost track and more to come.

I’m done with summer.

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The girls

This time of year is all about them. Just trying to keep them alive. AZ is brutal on them. The monsoons have not kicked in and that means temps are going north of 110 again soon.

Lord, please bring the rain.

The sprinkler system has a leak at the box. I’ll have to wait until fall to fix it. I’ll start planning the fall garden soon. I won’t work on it for another month but I need to plan the work soon but there is no way I’ll work on it much until then.

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