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Trip 1 Done

There won’t be too many trips this summer.  There is just too much going on. But trip 1 is in the bag.  A wonderful visit with some friends up to a remote cabin in the woods.  Temps dipped into the … Continue reading

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Thank you!

Believe it or not, this is my 100th post.  Thank you for reading.  Thank you for helping.  I ask questions from you all on a regular basis and you are a fountain of knowledge and wisdom. So thank you. Update: … Continue reading

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The Garden Expansion (with pictures)

I down graded the garden expansion to just the four raised beds.  As you may recall I had originally planned to add two wall units as well, but the four raised beds gave the most bang for the buck and … Continue reading

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Monday Update

Not too much actually got DONE this weekend.  I was hobbling around like an old man with my back hurting.  It’s a little better this morning, of course, as I head back to work. The boys and I planted one … Continue reading

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Update and a Week of Crazy Ahead

Got three more beds built, but not the wall units this weekend.  That increases my garden area by 128 square feet.  The wall units are going to have to wait for now.  I have an unforeseen complication.  When I went … Continue reading

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