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Sprouting Blocks

I cannot declare total success on the soil blocks yet.  One whole tray has not sprouted a single seed yet.  Which interestingly enough was the one that had the granulated rock dust on the tops.  Interesting… but I’m not ready … Continue reading

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Two in Two

In two days we’ve gotten two sprouts.  Trust me when I say that in real life the sprouts are NOT blurry and smudgy but are really quite clear.  🙂  Only 129 more to sprout.

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Soil Blocks

I tried to make my own soil block recipe back here.  Germination rate was bad, the look of the blocks was bad, they were just… well bad.  I had it in my head that peat was bad and stinky, from … Continue reading

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For the seed block recipe that is. Typically seed block recipes utilize peat and vermiculite, two things I don’t normally use and I can’t say I’m that fond of incorporating into my garden experiment at this point.  I would rather … Continue reading

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