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Weeding Can be a Blast

Weeding is a necessary part of gardening. Those pesky little menaces can overrun your garden goodies before you even notice. By the time you can’t tell the good leaves from the bad leaves, you’ve lost the war. So weeding is … Continue reading

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There is No Peace and Harmony with Scorpions

I failed. We quit getting our house sprayed over a year ago, it might even be two.  It’s been long enough that I honestly don’t remember when the last time was that we had “the bug guy” come out. I … Continue reading

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Why I Start with Raised Beds

How do I start a garden? That’s what I asked myself several years ago when I started with a blank slate of a back yard.  I really had no idea what I was doing and I was starting with some … Continue reading

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What God Taught Me in the Garden This Week, Oct 16, 2014

Water is essential in the garden.  Without it nothing will grow.  In the heat of summer it only takes a day for many plants to wither and fade beyond recovery.  It feeds and nourishes. There are signs near Blythe, CA … Continue reading

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Ahhh!  It’s a great time to live in AZ.  From now until May it will be beautiful.  A little on the cold side at night sometimes… but who am I kidding, it will only be cold to people who have … Continue reading

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