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What’s Bugging Me

Bugs are an issue. We’ve always had our house sprayed (except for the garden), until this year.  This is the first year we’ve had chickens and I love the fact that they can roam around the yard in the evenings … Continue reading

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Quick Update on the Craziness

It’s been crazy, but it’s going well: – mapping out the new raised beds  –  DONE – acquiring wood for the new beds and wall units  –  1/2 DONE – assembling the beds and wall units – purchasing some compost … Continue reading

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Busy, busy, and time to get busy

As it says in my “About Me” tab, I’m a Christ follower and father of four boys, so life, especially in the summer time, is busy.  I think I’ve spent more time in the northeast part of the state the … Continue reading

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Weeds – the Mesquite Tree

After reading several other garden blogs I can say with confidence that weeds don’t seem to be quite as big a deal in Arizona as they are other places.  Probably because of the difference in rainfall, but still, we do … Continue reading

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Gardening Books

I’m just getting into gardening books.  I recently read Perennial Vegetables which I found pretty interesting but the concept of plants that are around all of the time, taking up garden space, but only producing during one season was kind of … Continue reading

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