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Learning with corn

I love corn.  I love to eat it.  I love the look of it in the garden.  I just haven’t quite figured out all of the tricks to successfully growing it. In the past I tried planting a couple of … Continue reading

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First tomato!

I know, it seems pretty late to be getting my first ripe tomato, but my plants were pretty small when I first put them in. I should have several more ripening up soon, but this was the first one. I’ve … Continue reading

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Planting Calendar

I have several friends who have asked what they can grow in Arizona and when they should plant.  I’ve been following this planting calendar for the last few years and it has been a consistently good resource.

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Planning for the fall garden

It seems a little ridiculous.  The temps have been in excess of 110 degrees, half of the garden is just struggling to stay alive, while watermelon, tomatoes, corn, tomatillos, and various peppers have yet to even yield a single piece … Continue reading

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How to make fodder

Fodder is food for livestock, usually entire plants.  In this case it’s for chickens.  I grow the fodder in a hydroponic type environment so that I don’t need any type of soil medium.  In reality I am growing sprouts, but … Continue reading

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