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They are impressive

We usually get the RI Reds for our laying hens but this year, when I went to buy chicks, I couldn’t find any. Instead I picked up some Black Australorps and some Leghorns. I have to say that they are … Continue reading

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Trip 1 Done

There won’t be too many trips this summer.  There is just too much going on. But trip 1 is in the bag.  A wonderful visit with some friends up to a remote cabin in the woods.  Temps dipped into the … Continue reading

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This Weekend… Bed 4 Gets a Makeover

It’s a great time of year to be out in the garden.  Granted it was a beautiful non-winter, second fall, whatever you want to call it, but the weather right now… is perfect.  Mid 50s at night, peaking in the … Continue reading

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Wow, busy week and more to come!  Tonight I get to talk to a bunch of kids and parents about the different ways that we do justice at Mission.  I love to see families embracing the vision for our church … Continue reading

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Growth In Spite of the Neglect

The winter garden, or what is left after some neglect, is eeking through the season.  The sun almost completely leaves our back yard around the end of December and then slowly starts to show itself again.  I’ve actually tried reflectors … Continue reading

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