Desert King Watermelon

These are amazing.  Juicy, sweet, delicious, with great texture and golden colored flesh… so good.  I put them in the fridge when I harvest them so that they are nice and cold when I cut them up.  The boys LOVE them.  SO GOOD!

This guy right here is getting really close….


Maybe another week or two and I’ll be eating this….


Desert King Watermelons = YUMMY!!!!!

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2 Responses to Desert King Watermelon

  1. Sheri Fox says:

    Ya know, you can grill watermelon too… can you tell I love grilling?

    • knbjonz says:

      REALLY!? Grilling watermelon… I’m thinking… probably not. I like watermelon cold, sweet, and super juicy! Grilling watermelon…. hmmm….

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