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Some Particulars on the Wine Bottle Ollas

I’m not sure if I made up that name or not, wine bottle olla, or if it’s even a real “thing”… it’s just what I call them.  I’ve been collecting and using them now for a couple of years.  It’s … Continue reading

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Getting the Gopher! … and a garden update

Pests are a problem in any garden and I recently returned from vacation to find that a nemesis had returned and had taken out at least one plant.  Grrr!  I work so hard to grow my plants and keep them … Continue reading

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Redundant Protection for Vacation

I was nervous.  We had a planned trip to California to attend a graduation party for one of my beautiful nieces.  I knew it would be a great time, but… I was a little concerned about the garden. So I … Continue reading

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Growth In Spite of the Neglect

The winter garden, or what is left after some neglect, is eeking through the season.  The sun almost completely leaves our back yard around the end of December and then slowly starts to show itself again.  I’ve actually tried reflectors … Continue reading

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The Case of the Little Peppers

Peppers have been a challenge for me.  I started these from seed, experimented with the shading and direct light, and some variations in watering.  For a long time I had a great system going where I would water heavily one … Continue reading

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