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Early Risers

The tomatoes won.  Well, at least three of them did. And you know I love seedling pictures, so here you go. Okay, these pictures were actually taken the night before last, so you just have to trust me that all … Continue reading

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Waiting… patiently… waiting

It seems like the peppers and tomatoes never sprout.  Why do they take so LONG? Maybe a better question is, why am I so impatient?  🙂 I planted peppers and a few tomatoes last week.  I’m late, but better late … Continue reading

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Weekend Cleanup

Not long ago I pointed out the benefits of free ranging our suburban chickens. It was good while it lasted. The mess is the problem.  Chickens poop EVERYWHERE, and by everywhere I really mean E V E R Y W … Continue reading

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Growth In Spite of the Neglect

The winter garden, or what is left after some neglect, is eeking through the season.  The sun almost completely leaves our back yard around the end of December and then slowly starts to show itself again.  I’ve actually tried reflectors … Continue reading

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I know who holds tomorrow

There has been a lot that has happened since the last time I posted anything here.  A LOT.  Unfortunately I am going to leave it at that.  Just know that God’s vision and timing for your life and future are … Continue reading

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