HOT, HOT, and let’s see… oh yes, HOT!

The next few days are hopefully the hottest days we will see this year.  They are predicting 118 F today.  OUCH!  That is just ridiculously hot.  Don’t say it’s a dry heat, we really hate that.  That’s like opening up a convection oven, sticking your head in, and saying, “no big deal, it’s a dry heat!”

I’m concerned about my chickens.  They are in the shadiest part of the yard.  They only have direct sun for about two hours of the day, and NOT the hottest two hours, so I’m hoping they’ll be okay.  LOTS of water.  I also loaded them up with some organic lettuces this morning to try and get them hydrated.

I’ll be praying for you today, girls!  Hang in there!

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3 Responses to HOT, HOT, and let’s see… oh yes, HOT!

  1. Victoria T. says:

    Man! That sounds so rough. I know someone from Arizona who says “but it’s a dry heat,” although still emphasizes the temperature. 😉 We got up to high-90s yesterday, but the humidity was much lower than normal here AND there was a breeze, so I raked leaves… uhm, in the shade. 😀

    Hope your chickies are alright.

  2. These temperatures must be a real challenge for you, and your chickens. Hope they are ok.

  3. They made it through yesterday, but it was over 115 again today and we lost one. Very sad. 😦

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