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Apple Tree Questions

I have two apple trees.  Now, apples will grow in Arizona, although some may not set fruit every year because they may not see enough frost hours.  That’s one of those weird things about apples. The question that I have … Continue reading

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Patience is difficult.  Sometimes life is comprised of a chain of waiting periods. It’s not a bad thing.  On the contrary it builds anticipation and excitement.  It means that just around the corner your hopes may all be realized and … Continue reading

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Spring Miracles

There is something quite remarkable about spring.  It’s a time of new life, new hope, and a promise of things to come.  How appropriate that Passover and Easter are in spring. Each seed that is planted is nourished by the … Continue reading

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Partial Success

I spent the better part of Friday evening and Saturday morning harvesting.  Leeks and onions were first.  The leeks turned out okay.  The usable portion was small because I had not blanched the stocks, but… next year.  The onions were … Continue reading

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I am the king

The king of over planning that is.  I will find 15 minutes of possible free time and I will try and cram at least two hours of work into that time.  Not that I ever GET the two hours of … Continue reading

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