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Getting the Gopher! … and a garden update

Pests are a problem in any garden and I recently returned from vacation to find that a nemesis had returned and had taken out at least one plant.  Grrr!  I work so hard to grow my plants and keep them … Continue reading

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Redundant Protection for Vacation

I was nervous.  We had a planned trip to California to attend a graduation party for one of my beautiful nieces.  I knew it would be a great time, but… I was a little concerned about the garden. So I … Continue reading

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So When Do I Eat This Thing?

Okay, my experienced artichoke growers.  I have a couple of questions for you.  First of all, I was VERY excited to have not only my first choke growing, but at least four more right behind it.  Wahoo! Now, when are … Continue reading

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Bed 3 Almost Made and Grandma Comes to the Garden

It was a busy weekend.  Busy, but good. I pulled out the already flowering remnants of the last couple of broccoli plants (the good broccoli, not the EPS), transplanted two cilantro and one dill plant into pots, and weeded bed … Continue reading

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The Non-Winter Garden Update

I know a lot of the country has been digging out, repeatedly, from one of the worst winters that anybody can remember, but here in AZ… nope.  No winter here.  Mid-eighties… yup.  Cool evenings and nights in the fifties… yup. … Continue reading

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