Partial Success

I spent the better part of Friday evening and Saturday morning harvesting.  Leeks and onions were first.  The leeks turned out okay.  The usable portion was small because I had not blanched the stocks, but… next year.  The onions were small, but diced up were pretty good, both the small bulbs and the greens.

Partial success.

I spent a good amount of time trying to dig up every root and blade of grass that had infiltrated bed 2.  I promise you that every bit of bermuda in my small yard is somehow connected to bed 2.  It was terrible.  I did find a couple of bright lights in there to keep me going.  Several of these guys were visible as I was clawing my way through the bed.


It may seem funny, but these just aren’t that common in my yard.  Unfortunately.  But as the soil gets better and better I’m hoping they’ll be regulars.  🙂

As I pulled back some of the other greens I got a pretty good view of my Oriole Orange Chard in all of it’s glowing glory.


I cleaned, chopped, and bagged about as much chard as we are going to be able to take down any time soon and gave the rest to the chickens.  They had a pretty good day Saturday.

I got the garden area mapped out and began building my trellis system for the pole beans.  When I originally bought these from greenhousemegastore, I thought I was ordering 6 foot canes.  Turns out I order 60 inch canes.  Just a little bit of difference there.  In any case the canes were too thin to hammer them into even the relatively soft garden soil, so I used this medal pole, almost like rebar, but hollow, and drove that into the ground, pulled it up and put in the canes.


It worked pretty good and the trellises went up pretty quick.  Secured them with some garden twine and bada bing… all done.


Planted all of the pole beans and a section of bush beans, and by then… I was done.  My helpers had started to desert me.

So I didn’t…

– finish planting the melons

– move and install two new 4×4 beds and plant them out

– finish planting out bed #2.

So… still lots to do, but a partial success.  Definitely need to finish this week.

Easter celebrations were amazing.  Great time with all of the family.  Took my boys down to the park to try and fly their kites but the wind did not cooperate.  Four very tired kids though running the length of a football field several times.  Partial success there.

We had eight services at Mission Community Church, with overflow for some of those.  Pastor Lee Strobel laid out the Case for Easter.  If you’ve never heard him, you should really go watch the lesson.  Former atheist that through historic research concludes, hey this whole thing is actually TRUE!  Great lesson.

All in all a great weekend.  Total success.  🙂

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6 Responses to Partial Success

  1. Carole West says:

    I lIike that structure – Here’s a thought -if you add a light chicken wire going across you could get more beans planted in that space.
    Carole @ GardenUp green

  2. tntdreaming says:

    That chard is beautiful!!

  3. LuckyRobin says:

    You don’t use the entire leek? The upper green parts are wonderful for making chicken or rabbit stock, much better than onions, the mid-green parts are great anywhere you’d use scallions or chives, and of course the white parts are good in stews or anywhere you’d use onions, really. What part do you consider unusable?

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