Spring Miracles

There is something quite remarkable about spring.  It’s a time of new life, new hope, and a promise of things to come.  How appropriate that Passover and Easter are in spring.

Each seed that is planted is nourished by the hope of the sower; that what is put into the warm, moist soil will somehow bring forth not only vigorous new life, but a bountiful harvest.


Yes, spring is amazing.

Each seed is like a miracle to me.  Each seedling a precious gift.


I love sowing seeds.


Recently God has allowed me to see his power in amazing and wonderful ways.

The worship pastor at our church and his wife adopted a beautiful baby boy.  Before he was born they were informed that he had some serious health concerns.  When he was born he was missing one kidney, the left side of his heart hadn’t grown, and his lungs were not working properly.  His parents were informed that there was a good chance that he would not survive.  Prayers went up by the thousands for this precious little family.  God not only showed up, he showed off… and that’s a beautiful thing.  The left side of the heart grew.  Heart diagnoses had to be reversed.  He came off the ventilator.  He came off oxygen.  He went home with his new parents.  Doctor’s minds = blown.  Our hearts = full.  God = AWESOME!


Another family from our church that we have known forever had a son, early twenties, who went to the hospital for an MRI on a Tuesday.  They were told to immediately take him to one of the top neurological hospitals in the country where he was diagnosed with a massive brain tumor.  The surgeons were not sure that they could get it all or if he would survive the surgery or if he would be paralyzed.  Again, prayers went up by the thousands for this young man.  On that Thursday he had surgery to remove this massive tumor.  Doctor report after 8+ hours of surgery – they got it all.  In the recovery room he wakes up and says, “hey, I’m alive”.  Full motor control.  Sunday he leaves the hospital to recuperate at home.  Walking.  MY mind = blown.  God = AMAZING!


I will praise Him for these amazing answers to desperate prayers.


I will thank Him for the amazing things he does every day because I know that in all things, He is good.


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6 Responses to Spring Miracles

  1. lindalh says:

    Argh, just starting to think about tomatoes here and you already have little ones. I, too, am fascinated by watching seeds sprout and push their way to become a full grown plant. It’s pretty amazing every time. I am starting to hone my seed saving skills as well, so I can watch them replenish themselves as well. Happy gardening!

  2. Hi Keith. God is good – all the time!
    Cheers Sarah : o )

  3. tntdreaming says:

    I love your comment, “God not only showed up, he showed off… and that’s a beautiful thing.” It really IS a beautiful thing!! Thanks for sharing this with me…with all of us!!

  4. I’m seeing a fresh tomato sandwich in your near future, and that is a good thing. 🙂

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