I am the king

The king of over planning that is.  I will find 15 minutes of possible free time and I will try and cram at least two hours of work into that time.  Not that I ever GET the two hours of work done… but it is ON THE LIST.

Lists.  I love them.  It’s almost as if the task is complete JUST because I wrote it down.

Keep that in mind when I tell you what’s planned for this weekend.  Granted my weekends are normally busy.  Sundays aren’t a day for gardening; they are a day for worship, so my Sundays are busy without any gardening involved.  That being said, as I’m sure you know, this is also Easter weekend.  That’s kind of a big deal.  Granted we actually celebrate Jesus’ resurrection EVERY week, because when something is the MOST IMPORTANT EVENT IN ALL OF HISTORY, you gotta talk about it.  It IS the GOSPEL.  Jesus is the Son of God.  He came to earth, and according to God’s plan was beaten, mocked, and crucified, put in a tomb, and on the first day of the week, rose from the dead victorious.  A game CHANGER!  A LIFE changer!  A UNIVERSE CHANGER!

That’s a big deal.

So, yah, this weekend will be busy with church activities and family celebrations on Saturday and Sunday.  But Saturday morning… before all of the awesome craziness ensues… this is what I need to get done:

–          Complete the planting of 2/3 of the main garden, and one 4×8 bed.

–          Move, assemble, fill, and plant two more 4×4 beds.

At the end of the morning on Saturday, I hope to have everything planted except the (stupid) corn.  (Sorry, still a little bitter from last year)

That means between now and then.  In the limited time available.  I need to stake out the main garden (kinda all over the place right now).  Create 30 feet of pole bean trellises.  Plant nine types of melons, four types of beans, two types of squash, tomatillos, cucumbers, and eggplant.

Yah… like I said… the king… of… over(bad)… planning.

Quick tour:

half of the sunchokes with a dill plant hiding in there too.

sun chokes and a dill plant hiding


little chokes

little chokes 3


no, I mean, LITTLE chokes

little chokes



cherry toms


chamomile and a free plug for J. Lohr.

chamomile 2


Celery!  It’s not huge, but… it’s coming out… tomorrow.




Have a blessed weekend!

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1 Response to I am the king

  1. tntdreaming says:

    I envy the growth in your garden!! Up here in the Pacific Northwest, I haven’t even planted yet because we are still getting frost in the morning….aaarrrggghhh! Your pictures give me hope of things to come!!! He is risen….He is risen, indeed!!! Thank goodness for the Grace our Lord Jesus Christ has bestowed upon us in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us! We also celebrate our Savior’s resurrection on Easter, and throughout the year. I hope you and your family have a wonderful Easter!

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