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Bed 3 Almost Made and Grandma Comes to the Garden

It was a busy weekend.  Busy, but good. I pulled out the already flowering remnants of the last couple of broccoli plants (the good broccoli, not the EPS), transplanted two cilantro and one dill plant into pots, and weeded bed … Continue reading

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Lessons Learned on the Fall/Winter Garden

–          Early purple sprouting broccoli – is not for me.  It’s perfect, it even rhymes. –          Cauliflower needs to be covered otherwise it get yellow and no bueno. –          Sunchokes seem to work good in containers… … Continue reading

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The Late, Not-so-purple, Non-sprouting, Shouldn’t be Grown in My Area Broccoli Plant

I love it when I try something new and different and it works out.  That’s awesome!  Who doesn’t love that? This isn’t one of those stories. When reading through descriptions on seed packets, in catalogs, and in comments on-line it … Continue reading

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Seedlings and the Spring Planting List

I only have a couple of seedling pictures to share.  Except for maybe 1 of the poblano peppers, all of the seedlings are doing great, and even that 1 looks better this morning than it did yesterday morning. This is … Continue reading

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The Good, the Bad, and the Carrot Butt

Last year when I went to harvest my carrots I was very disappointed that I had not thinned out the carrot seeds that my sons had helped me plant.  Several of them were no more than carrot tooth picks.  A … Continue reading

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