Seedlings and the Spring Planting List

I only have a couple of seedling pictures to share.  Except for maybe 1 of the poblano peppers, all of the seedlings are doing great, and even that 1 looks better this morning than it did yesterday morning.

This is what I am growing in the garden this spring:

Peppers: poblanos, anaheim, jalepeno, emerald giant, california wonder, and quadrato d’asti rosso.

Tomatoes: cherry (in pots), Paul Robeson, delicious, atkinson, rutgers, and a sauce tomato

Potatoes : a couple of different kinds, one red, one white.  I got starts from Depot.  First time trying this and so far so good.  These will come out at the beginning of summer (May – June).

Jerusalem Artichokes (already started and growing very well in pots… lots of them)

Melons: watermelons (Desert King, Charleston Gray, Orange Flesh Tender Sweet), Old Time Tennessee, green machine, crane, apple, banana, and Jenny Lind. Lots of experimenting here.

Squash: butternut, yellow scallop, yellow straight neck, and zucchini

Beans: Missouri wonder pole, Roma II bush, Blue Lake bush, Dragon tongue bush, Red-Seeded Asparagus pole


cucumbers: salad and pickling

japanese eggplant (still debating these)




artichokes (second plant will go in near the end of summer)

sweet potatoes

and heaven help me… corn  (sigh… must make this work…)

Several things are just going in the ground, obviously the tomatoes and peppers have already been started.  I even saw a flower bud on one of my plants this morning.  Need to get these babies in the ground!



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7 Responses to Seedlings and the Spring Planting List

  1. I’m thinking some nice white bread, a dollop of mayo, and several slices of fresh tomatoes. Now that’s my kind of sandwich. Here’s hoping your garden exceeds even your expectations. 🙂

  2. FreeRangeCow says:

    Gooooo seedlings…goooo!

  3. Best of luck with everything. Sweet corn has been a disaster for me the last couple of seasons, thanks to good old Ma Natures weather upheavals and Springs refusal to put in an appearance until it was just about time for summer to arrive. As it is a firm favourite in our house, I really hope I can get a decent crop this year.

    • Hopefully you are blessed with some good weather this summer. Unfortunately I can’t really blame the weather for my corn failures thus far. But I’m determined to succeed! …eventually.

  4. Caleb says:

    Watch out for those Jerusalem Artichokes. They are tasty, in moderation, but they can go nuts in the right situation and seek world domination. Before you know it they have become a weed, albeit an edible one.

    I got a chuckle from you post about the disadvantages of purple broccoli. (And I’ve had the same experience with Boc Choi.)

    Our earth here in New Hampshire is frozen two feet deep with a foot of very icy, crusty snow on top of it. We’ll be lucky to get the peas planted by the normal date of Patriot’s Day (April 19.) So I lurk at your site, wishing it was spring, but the only green around here is my envy.

    • 🙂 Nice. Sorry about the snow and ice. You all have been pounded this year. We never even got cold here. I think the JA in the pots are a good thing. If they escape the pots I will be surprised. They are growing though… a lot. I actually saw my first globe artichoke today. Very exciting! Careful on that ice.

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