Lessons Learned on the Fall/Winter Garden

–          Early purple sprouting broccoli – is not for me.  It’s perfect, it even rhymes.

–          Cauliflower needs to be covered otherwise it get yellow and no bueno.

–          Sunchokes seem to work good in containers… so far.

–          We don’t eat a lot of kale.  Kale grows really good.  All varieties.  Kale chips are great.  No body can eat THAT MANY kale chips.

–          Peas should have a taller trellis.  They are currently on our three foot Buddy fence.  They could use a couple more feet.  Easily.

–          Did I mention the EPS broccoli?

–          Chinese cabbage – why?  When you could have the real deal!  No offense, this one just grew really big and bolted really quick without actually heading.  No issues with the real deal.

–          Bok Choi is not necessary.  Collards, chard, and spinach do just as well with less hassle.

So based on these lessons and on trying to observe the things that we actually EAT on a regular basis, this is my garden list for Fall (I know, I know I know… just trying to get it down while it’s fresh, PEOPLE!).  Will somebody please remind me that this is the list and it should be… short.

–          Peas : shelling and sugar snap.  Everything we grew this year was great, just better trellising.

–          Romaine : red and green

–          Lettuce : Bib (in small amounts), iceberg, and butter head

–          Cabbage : this is kind of like cowbell.  I NEED MORE CABBAGE!  I’ve got a fever and the only cure is MORE CABBAGE!  (okay that was a little weird, if you haven’t seen the SNL skit, click here.)

–          Broccoli (no not THAT!): The good kind.  The sprouting kind.  Maybe even a different variety than we have been growing because the heads are really small.

–          Carrots.  Love the carrots.

–          Celery

–          Leeks

–          Onions

–          Potatoes

–          Cauliflower

–          Collards

–          Dill

–          Cilantro

–          Chard

–          Spinach

Ah, I feel better now.  Revisit in August.

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10 Responses to Lessons Learned on the Fall/Winter Garden

  1. :), that was a lovely read, the humor came though very well..

  2. valbjerke says:

    Dehydrate your kale and feed it to the chickens. Or feed it to them fresh. 😊

  3. Amy says:

    I enjoyed reading your post- I’ve been thinking I might do a fall garden next year and it’s nice to see what works, what needs adjustments and what really just doesn’t.

  4. Bill says:

    In defense of kale, there are lots of great ways to eat it other than as kale chips. But I totally agree that there is no point in wasting garden space on things you don’t like and are not going to eat. We’re starting our spring planting now and radishes didn’t make the cut this year for that reason.

  5. peter2323 says:

    Reblogged this on 1 Square Foot at a Time.

  6. Hi Keith. I have been completely challenged lately to only grow what we eat, as there is a lot of stuff not being fully taken advantage of in my garden. Next season I shall garden like a cook, not a gardener – although I think my green thumb may sneak in a few exciting new ‘must haves!’ I am looking forward to planning the garden in a whole new way!
    Cheers Sarah : o )

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