The Last of the Peppers

The last of the peppers seedlings (if you can call them that), have been potted up into one gallon pots and put out to start the hardening off process.  I have a small half wall in my front yard that is shaded most of the day.  This is a great spot to start the process.  After they have been there for a couple of days I put them in a mostly sunny spot in the backyard.  This completes the process and they can go wherever I need them.  It’s fairly hassle free.

I transplanted the final 16 tonight.  That doesn’t sound like a lot until you are mixing up batches of potting soil and moving plants one at a time.  Of course no transplanting is complete until the label is made and in the pot.  I’ve been bad about this in the past and have ended up frustrated.  As I move the plants into the ground the label goes next to them and I have been updating the spreadsheet that contains my garden layout.  Redundant documentation.  Sounds better.  Here’s one.


Yah, that’s a one gallon pot so… obviously I waited a little past what would normally be considered an “appropriate” time.  Like I said before, so far… it hasn’t been an issue.

I also transplanted one of the cherry tomato plants to a five gallon pot with a small cage.  I haven’t tried this before, but I am just not going to have room in the garden for everything.  Besides, I can stash the spots under the trees where they will get partial sun, which they seem to be fond of in AZ.  Man, that was a lot of potting soil though!

One of my compost bins is topped off and cooking now.  I love the look of it.  It’s going to be great!  It always cracks me up when I turn it in the mornings and you can see the heat pouring off of it.  Image

Lot’s to do.  I hope to get bed 4 converted over to the Spring garden this weekend.  It will be a cookie cutter of bed three, except with different varieties of tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, and melons.

Good times and you really can’t beat the weather right now.  At this rate though I probably will not have my corn planted until May.  That gives me more than a month to get everything else planted and the corn bed properly prepared.  I will not suffer the defeat of last year.  There will be CORN!

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5 Responses to The Last of the Peppers

  1. That is a very healthy pepper seedling. Have only just potted up a few of mine. Won’t be transplanting yet though. Night temps are still quite low here in England. Hoping to pop all the chillies and bells into the poly tunnel in a couple of months.

  2. valbjerke says:

    Corn likes lots of compost. Corn is also wind pollinated – I plant mine in a ‘spiral’ – planting along a wall as you did last year will lead to incomplete pollination – (explains why you had ears with some corn and some bare spots). So plant in a group, circle, spiral….
    I plant pole beans with mine – they climb the corn and put nitrogen in the ground. Some people also plant squash with their corn as well. (It’s called ‘three sisters planting’ you’ll find info online)
    Good luck 😊

    • Unfortunately I am really limited on my options as far as locations. 😦 I may have to detassle and hand pollinate.

    • deana says:

      I did not know you should do that as well. I will have to keep that in mind when I get ready to move to AZ and get my garden set up at my brothers house. Like that, The 3 sisters planting.

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