Harvest for August

Maybe I should change the name of the post to the NON-harvest for August.  It was dismal.  even the egg numbers weren’t good between the heat and vacations.

Eggs – 73

Watermelons – 2 melons totaling 24.5 lbs

NM Peppers – .75 lbs

Bell Peppers – 1 (just one little pepper and we only harvested that because my wife REALLY wanted some bell pepper for a pizza she was making.  In her defense, it was a really good, gluten free pizza).

Cucumbers – 0.25 lbs.

And THAT’S IT!  Wow, it really was rather pathetic.  September is looking like it might be pretty decent though.  There are a bunch of watermelons on the vine, and a bunch of peppers from every variety.  The one lone scrub of a tomato plant is coming back, but that assumes that it and the rest of the garden won’t be completely overwhelmed by the gigantic green mass called… sweet potatoes!  Wow, those things are insane.

The fact that July and August were so pathetic does make me think.  I did not stagger any plantings this year and I know some folks who have been getting squash and zucchini during this time period.  My wife had to buy some zucchini at the store the other day.  I would have never thought that would happen back in June, but it did.  With the garden expansion I will definitely look at staggering some additional plantings next year.  Along with some other types of melons, and peppers, some different tomatoes, and possibly some other varieties of (stupid) corn.

I’ve got to get planting and finish getting my beds built.  No more vacations.  Lots to do!

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7 Responses to Harvest for August

  1. That sounds quite a bit like our harvest this year. Ours was due to rain though.

  2. gracejolliffe says:

    Never short of a wet day in Galway! Not too much sun though…

    • That sounds like “opposite land” compared to AZ. Too much sun, never enough rain, although… it’s actually sprinkling this morning. Not even enough for the chickens to stay out of it, but… it’s something. 🙂

  3. Jones, the down side to having a garden is vacation time comes usually at planting time or harvest time. My backyard garden has automated watering so I don’t have to worry about that too much. My big garden will have automated irrigation in a couple years. I have to develop my spring and bring it into a state where by again automated watering can be used. I’m glad to hear that you will have one more flush of harvest before the season’s end.

    Have a great day in the garden.

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