Still here! Well, sort of…

So… car accident (a little banged up but getting better)… followed by vacation.  Got to go around NM a little bit.  Check out the famous White Sands area.  Play dodge a rocket at the missile range and spend some time up in the woods with some great friends.  A great end to the summer.

Of course that means I’m a little behind on my expansion plans.  Hopefully that will be resolved shortly.

Temps are still on the ridiculous side here.  Might set a record for today, so here is a shot of the thermometer at the cabin we were at… that’s right a cool 70 degrees.  Beautiful!


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4 Responses to Still here! Well, sort of…

  1. LuckyRobin says:

    I had been wondering where you’d disappeared to, since you usually post pretty consistently. I’m glad you had a good vacation, but ouch on the car accident.

  2. Jeannie S says:

    What’s bugging us this year is trying to live with bugs and weeds without using chemicals. We are third year beekeepers, and are concerned about the plight of the honeybee. But boy, keeping up with the invasive weeds in vegetable and flower gardens and lawn is tough here in Ohio, without Round-Up or the like! Though we are now retired, we still can’t keep ahead of the thistles, wild morning glory and night shade. Bugs haven’t been as much of a problem this year, since we haven’t had rain for awhile – and the chickens we have do help! Have visited Arizona, can’t imagine gardening when it’s 120 degrees! More power to you!

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