Update and a Week of Crazy Ahead

Got three more beds built, but not the wall units this weekend.  That increases my garden area by 128 square feet.  The wall units are going to have to wait for now.  I have an unforeseen complication.  When I went to lay out the location for one of the wall units I noticed that I have a boulder in that spot.  A boulder.  Who put that there?

Oh wait… I think I know him.

Oh yeah, that was me.

I had thought I could shift the unit down a bit, but that is just not going to look right.  So for now, I’m going to get the soil to get the four beds going and planted.  We got rain all day yesterday and I was kicking myself that NONE of my seeds are in the ground.


It’s only 75 F right now, and that is pretty awesome.  Granted it’s 85% humidity, but it’s only supposed to hit 91 today.  I’m not even sure what to do with myself.  It almost feels like fall!

I need to take some pictures, but didn’t get to it with the rain yesterday.

Did i mentioned it rained yesterday?  Seriously, other parts of the world see this stuff all the time?  It’s amazing, it’s like… water from the sky!  For FREE!  How cool is that?

Now, that’s not the most exciting thing that will happen this week.  I actually get to meet with leaders and members of our church all week this week to discuss MVMT.

Check it out at MVMT.org.

God is doing great things at Mission and I am just so excited to be a part of it!  God is good!

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4 Responses to Update and a Week of Crazy Ahead

  1. Rain is something to celebrate.
    We havn’t had any for weeks here in Brisbane, but we usually get plenty during the hot summer months.

    • We usually get a few showers during monsoon season, but they are short. This was actually an entire morning of rain with possibly more today and tomorrow. I haven’t seen rain like this in a LONG time. Very refreshing!

  2. gracejolliffe says:

    It’s hard for me to imagine so little rain. If we get a day without rain here in Galway, we celebrate!
    I just read your post about the insects – Black Widow!!!! And Bark Scorpions? I wouldn’t be gardening I’d be running!

    • Hahaha! Well, those aren’t the worst things out here. At least we haven’t had any issues with snakes. The western diamondback is a pretty nasty creature. My old boss lost two dogs to them and had at least two others struck. Thank God we haven’t had that issue!

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