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The New Seedling Nursery

The garage I use as a seedling nursery is nice.  I feel pretty spoiled to have the space.  It’s on the south part of the house, with three tall windows on the south wall and windows on the east facing … Continue reading

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Sticky pads are my friends. I put out four of the “mice” sized ones Friday night.  About 12:30, B and I awoke to a noise but we both went back to sleep.  At 1:20 the sick chicken started making a … Continue reading

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Monday Update

Not too much actually got DONE this weekend.  I was hobbling around like an old man with my back hurting.  It’s a little better this morning, of course, as I head back to work. The boys and I planted one … Continue reading

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Update and a Week of Crazy Ahead

Got three more beds built, but not the wall units this weekend.  That increases my garden area by 128 square feet.  The wall units are going to have to wait for now.  I have an unforeseen complication.  When I went … Continue reading

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For the seed block recipe that is. Typically seed block recipes utilize peat and vermiculite, two things I don’t normally use and I can’t say I’m that fond of incorporating into my garden experiment at this point.  I would rather … Continue reading

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