Monday Update

Not too much actually got DONE this weekend.  I was hobbling around like an old man with my back hurting.  It’s a little better this morning, of course, as I head back to work.

The boys and I planted one of the new raised beds over a week ago.  Every variety that we planted has at least some sprouts coming up, bok choi, Red Russian Kale, and romaine.  The romaine was the last to sprout, but the one that we planted the most abundantly.  We love fresh greens around here, well, at least some of us do, the ones that don’t get suckered into it anyway.  For us salads are a winter thing.  The weather is perfect for it and even when we get a frost it never seems to kill it.  The only issue is the sun, but right now we’ve got a lot of light on the beds.  Grow babies, grow!

The second bed got planted last Wednesday with Dinosaur Kale, onions, and ice berg lettuce.  So far the lettuce and kale have sprouted, the kale was first after three days and the ice bergs poked out this morning.  It’s so much fun to watch plants sprouts.  I think it’s an addiction but the only cure is MORE SPROUTS!  (at least I didn’t say cowbell)

I’m hoping to get the other two beds planted this evening, if I’m still feeling good, and if my slave labor holds out, I’ll get the rest of the garden planted too.

I’ve got some… less than sightly stakes and chicken wire up around the raised beds right now.  This needs some landscaping work, a slight modification to the sprinkler system, and some wood chips.  At least it’s keeping the ladies out of my freshly planted beds, but I’ll need to add something to the Buddy Fence since they’ve learned to hop up and over that one.  Their wings are clipped but they’ve got some powerful little legs!

If you’re in AZ I hope you’re planting something!  It’s gardening time!  60s at night and only 95 during the day, just PERFECT!

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2 Responses to Monday Update

  1. FreeRangeCow says:

    Sorry your back is ouching! Hope you are mended up!!!

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