Early Risers

The tomatoes won.  Well, at least three of them did.

And you know I love seedling pictures, so here you go.



Okay, these pictures were actually taken the night before last, so you just have to trust me that all three of them actually look like the top one now.  I’ve been checking the blocks carefully… and frequently… for the loops to start popping up.  It’s been about a week, so I’m anxious to see those peppers sprout, but so far… nada.  Hmmm… maybe they didn’t get the “don’t you know the guy who planted you is impatient!” memo.

It will happen.  All in due time.

How about now… nope.

Now?… nope.

In the meantime.  I have a marigold and an artichoke that are doing well in their 1 gallon pots.  They will probably get planted in the landscape soon.  They are both getting a little big for their containers.  I’m excited about this.  I would love to see more edible landscaping in my yard.


I made another tray of seed blocks last night.  Some poblano peppers, cherry tomatoes, basil, chamomile, creeping thyme, and malibar spinach.

Come on little seeds!

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10 Responses to Early Risers

  1. Ooo I could see them, those precious little hoops of an emerging seedling. Hopefully your peppers will be fast germinators and will put in an appearance in a few more days 🙂

  2. farmerkhaiti says:

    YAY!!!! Love those little shapes of tomato sproutings! And when they grow up, that tomato plant smell- ahh my favorite!

    • It is a VERY distinct smell. I did a “tomato jungle” approach last year and after a while I began to hate the tomato plant smell because it made me think of having to hunt down my tomatoes every day. I’m going for the trellis, single stem approach this year.

  3. FreeRangeCow says:

    Yay! That means you’ll get robust reds friends, I know it!

  4. Jen Gardener says:

    Yay, they came! See, patience is a virtue.

  5. nebraskadave says:

    Jones, I’m with you. Seeds take way too long to sprout. Mine reside in the basement on the heat mat covered with plastic wrap to keep the soil from drying out but as of yet there’s no sign of life. Onions are what I planted a couple days ago. The package says two weeks to germinate. Good gracious, that seems like a long time when waiting. I’m hoping the heat mat will encourage them to sprout a little sooner than that.

    It’s a bit too soon for tomatoes and peppers here in Nebraska. I will start them in March as the last frost day is May 15th. Many folks have tried to plant tomatoes in the ground earlier but I don’t think it really matters to try that as the ground itself is not warm enough for the tomatoes to start growing toward maturity. They can be covered to keep from freezing on those last couple frosty nights but over all those early planted tomatoes don’t really produce all that much earlier than those planted later. I’d rather spend my time doing other things than trying to keep tomatoes alive that shouldn’t be planted yet.

    Have a great seed starting day.

    • Normally our frost date is April 1st, but this winter has been pretty warm so far. I have already been leaving some of my spring plants outside overnight. This weekend it is supposed to cool down a bit, but no hard frosts. It’s like a non-winter for us.

      When I checked on the blocks last night and this morning there was one little Anaheim pepper loop coming up. Wahoo!

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