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Soil Blocks

I tried to make my own soil block recipe back here.  Germination rate was bad, the look of the blocks was bad, they were just… well bad.  I had it in my head that peat was bad and stinky, from … Continue reading

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Peppers with GB

I love my kids.  They drive me crazy at times, but even in those times, I love them. My youngest loves to go out to the garden with me.  He talks.  I garden.  He’s not real observant, so I have … Continue reading

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Bed 3 frustration and an update on other seedlings

Bed 3 has decided that it doesn’t want to germinate seeds quite as well as bed 1 or 2.  Hmmm… not sure why that is.  Part of that is broccoli.  So far the germination rate on both types of broccoli … Continue reading

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Getting ready for the… IN BETWEEN… planting season

The fall garden is in, sprouting, and growing.  Whew, glad that’s done.  Of course that means that it is time to start planning for the SPRING garden!  I love that.  I love garden planning in general, I get really excited … Continue reading

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Check, check, and… check

Buddy fence addition is complete.  It’s not pretty… but it’s complete.  The hens have been probing though.  I’m a bit nervous.  It’s like on Jurassic Park when the raptors are testing the electric fencing… something like that. BIOCHAR! experiment is … Continue reading

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