Peppers with GB

I love my kids.  They drive me crazy at times, but even in those times, I love them.

My youngest loves to go out to the garden with me.  He talks.  I garden.  He’s not real observant, so I have to direct him around areas that have seedlings popping up or he’ll tromp right over them.  He’s fun.

We went out yesterday and I was watering my seeds that I planted in the main garden last weekend.  Some chard and peas are popping up.  We were both excited to see those, although I was so focused on keeping him from trudging across them that I didn’t take a picture of them.  Weird for me.

He noticed that there were some red peppers and thought that we should pick them.  So we did.  I didn’t cage the pepper plants like I should have and they are going CRAZY with peppers right now.  Fall harvest on peppers in AZ is definitely better than spring.  Of course that also means that they are leaning and falling and going all over the place.  So I held the plants up so that he could pick them off.


I’ll probably pull some more in soon and roast them up.  My wife made chili relleno casserole last time and the kids were going for thirds.  Good stuff.  I’m planning out the beds for spring and summer right now and the peppers will be right next to the ollas for perfect watering 24/7.  I can’t wait to see them next year.

For now I’ll probably pull this crop in soon and pull up the plants sometime in November.  I have quite a few jalapenos that I hope will get to a decent size.  I’m thinking maybe some jalapeno jelly.  Yummy!

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4 Responses to Peppers with GB

  1. p3farm says:

    Yummy! Love me some spicy sweet jelly!

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