Bed 3 frustration and an update on other seedlings

Bed 3 has decided that it doesn’t want to germinate seeds quite as well as bed 1 or 2.  Hmmm… not sure why that is.  Part of that is broccoli.  So far the germination rate on both types of broccoli that I planted has not been great.  I need to do a little research on that.  I noted a couple of small mushrooms in the bed.  I don’t know if that matters, but I like to try and observe what is going on and try and pick up on any hints that might be there.  I think mushrooms like acidic soil.  Maybe a pH issue?  I’ll look into it.  In any case, here are a few pictures.

The biggest of the broccoli.


Chinese cabbage.  Come on little buddy.


An update on the Bok Choy from bed 1.  


Red Russian kale update.



Little carrots popping up in Bed 4.  I little better spacing on these guys than we had last year.



You have to look close on this one but there should be 8 little heads of lettuce starting.  This is a different variety of head lettuce than our traditional ice berg that is in bed 2.



As much as I want to, I can’t make any of these things grow.  I can yell, I can beg, but I just can’t make them grow any faster than God designed them to.  Sure I could go buy them the latest artificial fertilizer that might make them perk up and look pretty, maybe even go through a little growth spurt, but that wouldn’t be building the roots and the soil that I’d really like to see.  These things take time, constant love, support, encouragement, and teaching.  Eventually they will grow into the design that God has for them.  Not my design.  Not my dreams.  But their designer’s dreams.  He knows what they need.  As he’s growing his plants he’s also teaching their gardener.  I just wish this gardener had more wisdom.

Are we still talking plants?

Thanks for checking out the pictures.  God bless.

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9 Responses to Bed 3 frustration and an update on other seedlings

  1. Looks like something has been having a nibble on the Bok Choy already but they’re looking like healthy young plants 🙂

    • I saw that! The problem with organic gardening. I can take a little nibble, just as long as they understand the limits. If it continues I’ll probably mix up some natural deterrent.

  2. Sheri Fox says:

    Don’t mushrooms like really moist soil? Is it possible it’s too damp and the seeds are rotting before they can germinate? Just a thought. A mushroom sprung up under my new pallet box garden so I know it’s draining 🙂

  3. Hi Keith, I always sow my brassica seedlings indoors in seed trays and transplant them when they are big enough, that way I have more control over things like temperature and moisture levels. They will still grow as God intended, and flourish under the individual attention they will receive. Sometimes we need to spend time being close to God in a difficult season so we can come out stronger and be the best broccoli we can be.
    Cheers Sarah : o )

  4. Hi There
    It looks like maybe too much water (might be why you have mushrooms and the cabbage is a little yellow) Also, I don’t know what zone you are in, but are you covering them at all? They may germinate a little faster and develop stronger roots before winter sets in if you cover (hoop house or some sort of clear tote or bucket). The soil will also stay moist and regulate itself a little better. You could uncover during the day if it’s a bit warmer so the plants don’t burn since they like cool weather. Hope this helps, happy gardening!

    • We’re in zone 8B I believe. Desert. Still 80s in the day and 50s at night. I cut back on the water a little but and a few more sprouts popped out. I think we’re in the clear. I’m going to start some extras in my south facing garage.

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