Gardening is a tool.  Quite an amazing tool I have to say.  Of all of the ways that God could have chosen to feed us, he chose fruit, vegetables, leaves, and animals too (but then again they eat leaves, grass, grain, fruit…).

It all starts from a seed.  They are plain and small, not much to speak about; not usually appetizing in the least, but each one is like a little miracle.  Think about it.  Take an onion seed.  As my son said, “they look like little pieces of charcoal”, but you put them in the ground and you water, and water, and water, and that little seed germinates.  Within a few months, as you continue to water, it grows a stem and a type of leaf, and an amazing bulb forms underground.  It’s spectacular and mind boggling.

Now, I know scientists have been playing with seeds and genetically modifying seeds, but the fact is, they can’t CREATE a seed.  There is no fruit, vegetable, grain, or leaf that has been created BY man, yet God created THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of different kinds.  That’s phenomenal.

But like I said, gardening is a tool.  Over and over again in scripture God uses parables from farming to teach us about who we are and to explain the present and the future.  It’s no accident.  When God created the method by which we would be fed and nourished he built in reminders for us.  God’s pretty ingenious like that.

It’s a reminder to us as we prepare our garden soil, that we also need to be concerned about the soil of our heart.  Are we hard and rocky, are we infested with weeds, are we shallow, or are we well aerated, nutrient dense soil?  Are we feeding our soil with good things?  Are we in God’s Word getting nourishment?  Are we spending healing time in prayer, fellowship, fasting, and confession?

It’s a reminder as we plant our seeds that we also need to be planting the seed of the gospel.  We are people farmers.  We spreading the seed of the gospel out there, hoping to see a harvest someday.  We come across fresh soil all of the time, even soil that has never seen the seed of the gospel.  As hard as that is to understand in our culture, there are people who have never really heard about Jesus.

The seed also reminds us who we are.  These bodies of ours are seeds as well, and one day, we’ll be planted too.  I was reminded of this yesterday at the celebration of life for my friend Miss Sue.  She understood it.  She made the most of life and the opportunities that she had.  It was a beautiful service and a great reminder of what is to come.

When we water it reminds us that everywhere we go, we are watering seeds.  Whether they were planted by us or by somebody else.  Whether it is the seed of the gospel or weed seeds.  The way we live our life will either feed and encourage the good, or feed and encourage the bad in ourselves and others.  What we do has an impact on our life and in the lives of the people around us.  At the celebration yesterday, it was quite obvious my friend Miss Sue did a lot of watering.  Thank God for that.

I’m also reminded that there are seasons.  There is a time for sowing and a time for reaping.  Right now, I’m sowing in my garden.  I’ve gotten two of the four new beds planted.  Actually my sons did.  They’ve planted all of the seeds so far this season.  I think it’s a great exercise for them to go through, builds their own interest in gardening, and helps them feel connected, and therefore more willing to eat, the produce from the garden.  Life has seasons as well, there are times of rebirth, times of growth, times of wilt where we need more good things like prayer and Bible study, times to bear fruit and harvest, and there is a time to die, at least for this perishable body.

There are a million more things to learn about ourselves, about God, and about his plan for us, from the garden.  My favorite for now remains, we plant, we water, but only God can make it grow.

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13 Responses to Seeds

  1. Robbie says:

    when I grow something from a seed, it amazes me everytime! At the end of the season it towers over me/takes over a space…just from a tiny seed, and it makes sure it produces seed to pass on and on……….beautiful post. 🙂

  2. Hi Keith. God is ever present in my garden and I grow my spirit as much as I grow my plants. But I have been convicted lately about my lack of people farming with the people I reach through sharing my gardening, but God has begun opening doors to fix this that I would have never even dreamed possible. God gives me the words to write, so I guess I need to give him the glory. Thanks for having your blog, and following mine. It is really encouraging. God bless. Sarah : o )

    • Isn’t it amazing how God works. When he convicts us of something he opens doors so that we can continue to grow in our sanctification. God is good. Thanks for reading. I always enjoy reading your blog. You’re always so diligent in tending your garden, it’s very encouraging. God bless!

  3. Kirsten says:

    I’m very new to this gardening lark, but just being outside, working with soil and seeds and plants is incredibly grounding for me – a welcome reminder of what’s important and what life is really all about. Nice post! 🙂

  4. Wenz World says:

    “All good gifts around us are sent from Heaven above…” 🙂

  5. Keith, great blog post. I too am always amazed by the life that can lay dormant for years in a seed only to spring to life when planted. Some would say there’s good seed and bad seed. It does appear that after the fall God talks about Adam would have to contend with weeds by the sweat of his brow but I’m finding out that many of the plants we consider weeds are not. Some would say that there are people that are just a lost cause. God never gives up on anyone and His love is always trying to bring them to Him. As the world seems to be spiraling out of control in a downward path of destruction, I find comfort in know that gardening, just like God, has not changed since time began. Technology may have made it easier to grow a garden but as you say no one has yet to create life of any kind.

    Have a great seed planting day.

    • Well said, Dave. It’s funny, I’ve met and listened to a lot of people with great and powerful testimonies all around the country. One pastor I enjoy listening to is in TX at a place called the Village Church. His name is Matt Chandler. In high school he was a rough kid, drinking, taking advantage of girls, definitely into the party scene and very far from God. As a parent I have to admit I would have looked at a kid like that and said, “bad seed”, but God saw potential. Another player on the football team said, “I need to tell you about Jesus, when do you want to do that?” The rest is history. God has used Matt to lead literally thousands of people to Christ and plant churches all over the world. You’re right. People see a weed, God sees a work in progress with great potential.

  6. Tania says:

    Great post. Thank you for the reminder of how God influences our lives:)

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