Busy, busy, and time to get busy

As it says in my “About Me” tab, I’m a Christ follower and father of four boys, so life, especially in the summer time, is busy.  I think I’ve spent more time in the northeast part of the state the last two weeks than I have at home.  Between camping with our family and my wife’s family, and heading up to a retreat with some of the other leaders from our church I haven’t been able to spend a lot of time getting the garden ready for the fall.

So this week is going to be a MAJOR BLITZ of activity.  It’s going to involve:

– mapping out the new raised beds

– acquiring wood for the new beds and wall units

– assembling the beds and wall units

– purchasing some compost for the current garden to amend a few key spots

– cleaning out the chicken run and worming the chickens

****bonus activity**** getting the sandy loam delivered, amended, and put into the beds

It sounds kind of crazy, but all of this needs to happen in the next week and a half.

(insert maniacal laughter here)

Good times.

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10 Responses to Busy, busy, and time to get busy

  1. Lol, this reminds me strongly of one of Muds’ infamous lists of ‘jobs to do’ and the hopelessly optimistic time allocation he assigns each individual task which results in an even more hopelessly optimistic overall time to completion of a given project/set of tasks 😀

    Good luck with it all.

  2. HI Keith. I believe you can do it. In my experience when you set a crazy list with a demanding deadline – it is amazing what you can achieve!
    Cheers Sarah : o )

  3. valbjerke says:

    Worming the chickens – now you’ve caught my attention – when you have a minute (haha) go online and look up diatomaceous earth as a dewormer. We use it for ALL of our livestock – two and four legged. We don’t use chemical dewormers – many parasites are becoming resistant to them. As an added bonus – I also use it to control pests in my garden – wreaks havoc on any soft bodied problems, but not earth worms.

  4. valbjerke says:

    Not sure how many chickens you have – or what you feed them so will give you what we do and you can adapt to suit.
    We grind all out own feed (chickens get wheat, barley,) in a five gallon pail of grain we would use 1/4 cup and only once a week. If you are feeding them left over veggies from the garden you would just sprinkle it on the veggies – again, only once a week would be fine. If you feed your birds commercially prepared pellets or scratch – the stuff would go to waste so donate some veggies to the cause. Chickens go bonkers over anything red – in the summer when they run loose outside I toss in some halved cherry tomatoes with diatomaceous sprinkled over them. Hope that helps.

  5. Jones, I think God designed our bodies to work hard and go to bed tired, don’t you think. yeah, in my season of life there’s few aches and pains but then there were no promises of easy living, were there.

    Have a great week of working in the garden.

  6. Love the maniacal laughter!

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