Quick Update on the Craziness

It’s been crazy, but it’s going well:

– mapping out the new raised beds  –  DONE

– acquiring wood for the new beds and wall units  –  1/2 DONE

– assembling the beds and wall units

– purchasing some compost for the current garden to amend a few key spots  –  DONE

– cleaning out the chicken run and worming the chickens  –  DONE

I’m even considering when I am going to go for the bonus activity.  🙂

Of course, assembling the beds is a time consuming task, especially when each one will be built slightly different.  There is reason behind that.  It’s kind of an experiment in the longevity of the raised beds and what is going to be the most durable construction method.  We’ll see.

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4 Responses to Quick Update on the Craziness

  1. Wenz World says:

    I am envious that you have chickens! I hope to someday…bravo on being so organized.

  2. Wow you are just taking care of business! We’ve been thinking about getting chickens….

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