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The tomatoes are producing. We had the first larger tomato this morning. Night time temps are still below 80 so the plants continue to set fruit. I have to say, I’m excite to slice this and have it on a … Continue reading

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Weeds – the Mesquite Tree

After reading several other garden blogs I can say with confidence that weeds don’t seem to be quite as big a deal in Arizona as they are other places.  Probably because of the difference in rainfall, but still, we do … Continue reading

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Getting Ready for the Fall/Winter Garden

One of the benefits to gardening in Arizona is that there is literally a 12 month growing season.  Some people would claim 10, because they don’t want to garden during July and August when production drops off and it’s just … Continue reading

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A haboob is not always a bad thing

Haboob hits the valley. Check out this video from our local fox station.  One of our infamous haboobs rolls across the valley.  Of course a haboob is just a fancy word for a dust storm.  They are VERY common in … Continue reading

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