A haboob is not always a bad thing

Haboob hits the valley.

Check out this video from our local fox station.  One of our infamous haboobs rolls across the valley.  Of course a haboob is just a fancy word for a dust storm.  They are VERY common in AZ, especially during the monsoons.  Not a bad thing, you just don’t want to be outside breathing a lot when they run by.

What does this mean for the garden?  Well, now that the corn is down, not too much. Fortunately this one is being followed by some rain and THAT means a whole lot to the garden.

And there was much rejoicing!  Yeah!

Average rainfall for my portion of Arizona for the entire month of July is .89 inches, and that’s a lot better than June, which has an average of .05 inches.

So any rain is a good thing.

***update:  Some people did lose power.  That’s not good, especially in the heat, but fortunately the rain brought the temps down… a little bit.  Our utilities tend to be pretty good so I’m sure they’ll get it back up quickly.

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