Peach trees

The two peach trees were put in as sticks from Costco early this year. Both are over six feet now. Looking good. They were a little taxed by the heat the last couple of days but heavily watered they are recovering in the evening. This will be the summer that determines how long they last.

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A little early and rare

We had a full blown monsoon style storm last night complete with a massive dust storm, high winds and a little rain. The actual “season” runs from June 15 until September 30, but last night, at the end of May, was definitely a monsoon. It’s even sticky humid this morning. Weird.

Before the monsoon rolled in we had been around 110 again yesterday afternoon. The girls were quiet again this morning but, fortunately all 8 are roaming around now.

It’s a good morning. Thank you, Lord.

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Things are changing

The temps didn’t just suddenly shoot up, they increased steadily over a week. But all the chickens took it hard. Yesterday I brought in 8 eggs in addition to one that was broken. This morning we got 3.

Squash and zucchini are unphased. Shapes are starting to get more abnormal but the skins and texture are still good.

Watermelons are getting into their crazy vine growth. I’m seeing flowers but no melons yet. Maybe we’ll get a Fourth of July watermelon or two. That would be nice.

I’ve still got onions but no real bulbs. I haven’t grown these before but I’m going to leave them go until they bulb or flower.

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Battles are not the war

Chickens were quiet this morning. That’s never a good sign. Temps peaked over 110 yesterday. When I got this batch of chickens I was concerned about the Australorps, but the person selling them said that they do really well. I originally bought five. One ended up being a rooster so I was down to four. After this morning I’m down to three. I won’t get this breed again. Leghorns seem fine. It’s not abnormal to lose a bird or two during the summer but this seems early.

That wasn’t the only loss yesterday, another sweet potato is gone.

Humans 1, Pests 1.

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Round one to the humans

I’ll spare you the picture but day one of going to war with the rodents, humans 1, rodents 0.

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