It happens every year about this time. I’m not sure how. I check the vines every day but somehow one hides. In the picture the yellow squash is a good harvest size. Again, not sure what happened with the zuke on the bottom. Oops. 🤣

First peppers are in this morning a few jalepenos and some New Mexico chilies. We’ll chop them up and put them in a brine in the fridge. It’s very good on sandwiches.

Humans 12

Pests 13

I think it will be time to replant sweet potatoes soon.

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Like watching fish

I don’t have any fish tanks but every time I see them in a waiting room or lobby I am mesmerized. I love to watch them. There is something relaxing about it.

Watching the chickens is a similar experience. Of course I also have to guard them from getting my cantaloupe vines but that’s okay. This batch of chickens is pretty… chicken, so it’s an easy job.

The war is going the right direction thanks to the murder bucket.

Humans 11

Pests 13 (and stagnant).

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Changed the location of the murder bucket and productivity resumed.

Score is 9 to 13

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The tide is turning

I know I will never be RID of all of the pests in the garden. That’s just not practical. But the pendulum is swinging and some balance is being restored.

Score: 7 to 13

Gardener up two in two days.

I may put out more murder buckets. 🙂

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General garden update

Squash and zukes?

Still going. Four-six per day. 😳 No squash bugs yet. Plants look great but have vined two to four feet.


Here and there. No large toms yet. Very tasty. 🙂

Watermelons? Vines look great. Getting pretty thick and crazy. No visible fruit yet.

Cantaloupes? Vines were nearly destroyed by the chickens. No flowers or fruit.

Onions? Still… going… no bolting, no real bulbs… We’ve harvested the occasional stem/bulb-ish onion.

Peppers? Not many sweet peppers. Jalapeños and New Mexico peppers are coming along nicely. Several good sized fruit ready for harvest but giving them extra time to accumulate a larger amount.

Basil? Chickens nearly destroyed it. Starting to come back.

Grapes? Still growing. Still there. Still… yah, a bit tart.

Pomegranates? Growing. Most are racquet ball sized.

Citrus? Few, green and small.

Sweet potatoes? 😭 completely wiped out by the squirrels.

Strawberries? One plant has survived the squirrels, birds and heat. It’s small but healthy and in a plant that gets watered by the sprinklers.

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