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The pest strikes again

Looks like I need to pick up some additional sweet potatoes. And the game against the pests continues. I’m not sure it ever ends. Get one, or several, and more pop up to replace them. I’m up for it! I … Continue reading

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Sweet potatoes are in

We prepped the beds a while ago. Technically they are my son’s beds as a school project this year. We didn’t really go through the whole process of creating slips and everything. We bought some organic sweet potatoes and cut … Continue reading

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Ive had a love/hate relationship with grapes so far. I have yet to grow any GOOD tasting grapes to maturity. They usually get eaten by birds and such before that point, actually before THIS point. The plants are great to … Continue reading

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Too late to plant?

Just as an experiment I planted some Desert King watermelon today. I already have some growing. But I decided to fill in where the garlic had been. They are pretty hearty plants so they may last and we have a … Continue reading

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Peppers and tomatoes are coming around

We have yet to pick a ripe tomato or pepper but we are getting some contenders. Weather is warming up again, probably for good this time. Temps are still below 80 at night so plants are still setting fruit. It’s … Continue reading

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