Glorious October

As I’ve mentioned before, we have two seasons here in the desert of Arizona.  The first season just finished, it is known as Why do we live here? (WDWLH?), and the second, and more wonderful season, is Everybody wants to live here.

It’s no secret which one I prefer.

The Why do we live here? season was a very busy one this year.  Personally, professionally, and even in the garden.

Fortunately things have settled down on one front.

I’ve started to get a grip on things in the garden.

The grapevine grew amazingly this WDWLH?  but did not produce any grapes.   I will prune and train it appropriately this year and next summer should be good.  The third year is supposed to be the first good year for grapes in AZ.


All of the clay pots have been emptied and four out of six of the beds have been cleaned out.


The watermelons went crazy, even as the beans and artichokes died off.  The result was a jungle and a mess.


But even that has been cleaned out now.

The only thing left from WDWLH? season are the peppers.  October and November are the best time for peppers in Arizona and they are just starting to really fill out in volume.


The days are still warm, normally into the 90s, but the nights have cooled off nicely, down into the 60s.  We’ve even had several storms with heavy amounts of rain.  It may not seem like much to some, but areas around the valley received more than four inches of rain, roughly half of a YEAR’s worth in one day. It wasn’t quite so bad here, but it was still significant.

We are supposed to get another storm tomorrow.  Fortunately a lot of my planting is already finished.

Have a blessed day!


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3 Responses to Glorious October

  1. nebraskadave says:

    Keith, the season is beginning to change here as well. Even though the summer can get hot and humid here, I still like the season. My favorite is of course Spring when all is new and fresh. Fall is next with all the colors and the cooler weather. Summer and Winter is a toss up with special enjoyable activities in both seasons. The garden year is pretty much over here and cleanup has begun here too. The rain water catch system will be drained and put away until spring and plant removal and bed cleanup will continue for a while. The seed catalogs will begin rolling in soon and planning for the next year will begin. Ah, this is the life, don’t you think?

    Have a great glorious October fall garden day.

    • Thanks, Dave! After having year round gardening I’m not sure I could pack it up for the winter. I’m just planted broccoli, cabbage, all kinds of lettuces, cilantro, dill, and soon peas! This is a great time for planting in AZ. Take care, Dave. Praying for you in your recovery. Glad to hear you’ll be back to your plethora of projects soon.

      • nebraskadave says:

        Keith, recovery is going well. I’m pretty much back to the level of activity as before the prostate procedure. The PSA level is already down to almost normal levels. Life is back to normal. Thanks for remembering. My daughter and I are leaving today to visit her son in Texas. He’s now living with his Dad after filling my house with his energy for five years. It’s been quite a change for the household. We are celebrating his birthday on Saturday and have a family lunch before leaving for home on Sunday. Fourteen hours of driving time each way will make me glad to be back home on Monday.

        Have a great weekend in the garden.

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