Quick Update, Mostly Pictures

Garden = good.

Life = busy.

Lots of big decisions and important things happening, especially at church.  Say a prayer for wisdom and discernment if you would.

Quick update:

Melons of all kinds are good.  Love what is growing right now.  Harvested two delicious Old Time Tennessee melons and got to share them with lots of people that I love.

OTTM carnage OTTM halves

The coloring was incredible.  Definitely the prettiest melons I’ve grown.  Incredible aroma, even while just watering the garden.  They literally TELL YOU when they are ready.

Other harvest continues, although slowing down just a bit.


Had our first Desert King Watermelon.  No pictures.  Couldn’t see it in the melon patch because of all of the vines and leaves.  I figured it was about 10 lbs.  When I went to harvest it actually weighed in at 14 lbs.  Great flavor, sweetness, and juice was EVERYWHERE.  Our small group thoroughly enjoyed it.

Orangeglo is getting big.  Other than a mutant shaped melon, this is the only orange glow growing right now, but it looks like a good one.  Very large already.  They are supposed to be about 25 pounds.  if that’s the case this will be the largest melon I’ve grown.  That’s kind of cool.

orange glow wm

Banana melons have popped up in all kinds of hiding places.  None have ripened up yet, but I’m excited to try them.

banana melon 1 banana melon 2

Grapevine doing great, but no grapes yet.

grape vine

Corn is looking good.  No pictures.  Everything is still vertical.  Lots of ears and they are starting to plump up.  Muy bien!  Way to go AWESOME CORN!

That’s it.  I hope you all are having a great summer.  I am more and more convinced that as long as there is plenty of water, the desert is the place to grow things!

God bless!


***Update with corn pictures***

This is one of my four boys.  He’s 10 and tall for his age.  Most of the corn is over 6 ft, with some more than 7 ft.  The ears are plumping up nicely.  🙂

IMG_2437 IMG_2438

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8 Responses to Quick Update, Mostly Pictures

  1. OMG – those melons looks so good. 🙂

  2. [sigh] I have a serious case of melon envy 😉

    Need pictures of the corn crop though 🙂

  3. Bill says:

    That melon looks SO delicious. We’re still a few weeks away from any melons being ready. I smiled at your comment about not being able to see a melon in the watermelon patch. We’re having a similar problem. I thoroughly weeded the garden twice before the vines started to spread but now it looks like a jungle. There are watermelons in there, but they’re like treasures hiding in a jungle.

    • Exactly. They are the stealth growers in the garden. The vines are so vigorous they take over everything. I would complain, but I love it. 🙂 It always amazes me how long the vines grow.

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