It’s Starting to Warm Up

No 100 degree days yet, but soon.  Humidity is barely holding on to the double digits.  It was 11% yesterday when I checked.

A quick tour around the garden.

After wind the last week my cilantro (that has gone to seed) is feeling very reverent.

reverent cilantro


Peppers are coming in all over the place.  Even peppers that are still in the small pots.  I need to upgrade them still.  Poblanos, several variety of bells, and anaheims are all making an appearance.  The only ones I haven’t seen actual fruit on yet are the jalepenos, but several are very close.

poblanos bell anaheims


Charleston Gray watermelon coming through nicely.  Like the Desert Kings they have a lighter colored skin but are supposed to grow about twice as big with red colored flesh.  Yummy!




Zukes and cukes.  Come on little babies… GROW!

IMG_2251 cukes emerging


I’ve got some gaps in my beans; seeds that decided not to sprout.  Hmmm… need to fill the gaps.


bean gaps


These pea plants didn’t seem to get the message that it’s not their time.




Chamomile and basil are just good buddies hanging out side by side.  Very nice.

chamomile and basil flowers


This is one of the Old Time Tennessee vines.  I’m very excited about these guys.



I found this little guy this morning while I was looking at the apple blossoms.  He’s read to protect the fruit should it decide to form.  Do you see him?


mini predator


Finally, one more picture of apple blossoms.  Just cause.


apple blossom


Have a great weekend!  Enjoy the weather and get some sunshine!

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6 Responses to It’s Starting to Warm Up

  1. Everything looks wonderful. I’m assuming you have varieties that can cope with the heat like we have varieties that can cope with the colder temps. 🙂

  2. nebraskadave says:

    Keith, 100 degrees? Seriously. We just had a 38 degree night. We could still get a killing frost up to May 15th. It’s so amazing how different our weather zones are. I just couldn’t imagine having the planting times that you have. I know. I’m such a Midwest flat lander.

    Have a great warm weather garden day.

  3. I see that your in Arizona, that explains the ten or so weeks ahead of us here in New England look to your garden. It’s fun to see your peppers growing!

    • Thanks! I’m hoping we get a good spring crop this year. They didn’t do very good last spring, they hold on through the blaze of summer and fall is abundant. But this year I’m thinking spring will be pretty good. 🙂

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