Onions and a Weekend of Busy

When we were planting seeds a couple of weeks ago my son commented that the onion seeds were small and they looked like chunks of charcoal.  They were and they did.

The last time I tried to grow onions I started from sets.  They grew okay, a lot of flavor, but the bulbs never got that big.  This time we are starting from seeds with a different variety.  The exciting thing is… wait for it… they are sprouting!


Do you see them?  They are so tiny!  Super fine little strings poking through the surface and unfolding into little green hairs.  So amazing.

Here is the new view of the garden beds now that they are all planted and the chicken fencing is up.  It looks pretty bad.  I need to break out the weed eater and get to work cleaning that up.  I’m going to put wood chips on the ground around the beds as a deep mulch.  I’m hoping that will look a lot better.  I just need to pray that the Tree Amigos have a job in my area in the next few days.  I got on their wood chip list for a free delivery.


We have some family in town this weekend (good times!) so I will not have an abundance of gardening time, but I need to try and get at least this much done.

–  Planting the rest of the fall planting in the main garden

–  harvest the last watermelons and pull up the vines (I love demo!)

–  weed eat!

–  finish sprinkler mod to exclude the garden area in the normal watering  (just unscrewing some heads and screwing on a cap)

Good gardening times ahead!  I did see some sprouts coming up in the third bed as well.  No broccoli coming up yet, but I saw the Chinese cabbage had started to come up.  All kinds of good stuff!

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5 Responses to Onions and a Weekend of Busy

  1. Wenz World says:

    I don’t think it looks bad. You have the nice raised beds, as well as the chicken fencing, so the garden is shielded well. I like the wood chips idea, though. And congrats on those onion seedlings! Garden-fresh onions are awesome!

  2. Great I must try growing onions from seed next year. At the moment my onions are nearly ready but not quite. The weather has been different this year…
    Take care

  3. Keith, I tried to grow some onions here but they take so long to sprout and are so delicate for way too long. The Nebraska weeds are a hardy bunch and over took them. When I tried to weed the patch it pulled the little onion seedlings right out of the ground. I’m going to try to start the seeds under the grow lights next year and see if they can’t get a jump on the weed issue.

    The weather here in Nebraska was and continues to be strange. The temperatures are very out of the normal but are slowly be dragged into the fall normal range. With our frost date less than 10 days away, the day temperatures continue to climb into the 80s. What’s up with that? The night time temperatures are more normal reaching down to upper 30s. All gardening has stopped except for those that use protection to start the winter greens. I’m not a winter gardener yet and enjoy the down time to rest up, work on inside projects, and plan for next year.

    Have a great day in the fall garden.

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