Growing Peppers in Arizona

A brief description of my pepper experimenting and what worked for me here on the surface of the sun.

And yes, I need a shave.

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5 Responses to Growing Peppers in Arizona

  1. Caleb says:

    I can’t believe how huge your Jalapeno Peppers are!

    I have pretty good luck growing Jalapenos in New Hampshire, but the plants seldom get as high as my knees.

    This far north the problem is never too much sun, but rather too few warm days. Sometimes, in a desperate attempt to lengthen our short growing season, people put their peppers out too early. Even though they are never frosted, if they get hit by a prolonged period of cool days and chilly nights, then, even if the weather gets hot later, they just sit there. In my sister’s words, they “sulk.”

    If you put out tomatoes too early, their leaves actually turn from green to purple. (A person wiser than I once explained the biology involved.) They too sulk, as they turn back to green, but then they “explode” and produce.

    Peppers? They may not turn purple, but what ever happens to then in the cold really does retard them, and they never seem to recover. Therefore, if I try to put them out early, I try to make sure to find the time to shelter them, even if only with hay, from nights below fifty degrees.

    I think I am going to enjoy watching you deal with heat problems I likely will never face.

  2. That was really interesting. A great idea to post the information as a video. I have been seeing in the news that Arizona has been having these amazing high temperatures recently.

    • It’s funny that I have seen our temps on the national news. It’s hot, but not abnormally hot. This is always the worst time of year. I remember when I was a kid we had a really rough year where we hit 122. The only reason this one seems a little different is that we’ve had so many days in a row above 110. We really need some rain, that would cool things off a lot.

  3. Caleb says:

    It looks like a little Gulf of Mexico moisture may be creeping your way via El Paso. Hope it survives the trip.

    Also some tropical blob off the west coast of southern Mexico seems to be injecting some juice into the western and sloutherly-flow side of your Heat Low, which might eventually get up your way.

    So have hope! But also water like crazy!

  4. Yah, we’re hoping that our normal monsoon season blows this high pressure cell off of us. This has been too hot for too long.

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