Planning for the fall garden

It seems a little ridiculous.  The temps have been in excess of 110 degrees, half of the garden is just struggling to stay alive, while watermelon, tomatoes, corn, tomatillos, and various peppers have yet to even yield a single piece of fruit, but… even so, it’s time to start planning the fall garden.

How do I figure?

Generally speaking you can start seeds 4-6 weeks in advance.  This can be difficult with the fall garden considering some of the seeds don’t like to sprout in warm weather (more on this in a future post).  It can also take 2-4 weeks sometimes to  get the seeds that you order when you use heirloom organic seeds.  So on the cautious side you should order your seeds 10 weeks before September 1st.  According to my calculations… that is June 23rd.

I know.

It takes me a little time to plan out the location of everything and I am looking to make some more garden expansions, so I’m starting to plan it out now, that way i can order any seeds I need by June 23rd.

Besides, I just love sprouting seeds.  I think it might be an addiction.  I actually have a couple of dozen plants that I can’t transplant so I just keep watering them in their little containers.  It’s a little pathetic, but I just can’t bring myself to just throw them in the compost.

I also have a new seed blocker that I haven’t tried out yet.  Come to think of it, I also have some  creeping thyme seeds that I need to start for the back yard landscaping.  I think I’ll work on those.  The practice would be good that way my seed blocks are perfect for the fall starts.

On that note I’ve constructed this list of what I’ll be planting:

ice berg
loose leaf lettuce
swiss chard
collard greens
lavender (hidcote) (in the landscape)

I haven’t tried Swiss chard, collards, lavender, leeks, or cauliflower before, so those are all new for me.  I also had issues with garlic, onions, and celery the one time I tried them, but I’m going to give it another go.  We use all of these a lot and I think it’s always a good idea to grow what you eat.

Now I just need to inventory my seeds, compare it to my list, and pay a visit to Baker Creek.

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