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Pests and Failings

How is that for a title?  I could have written something a little more pessimistic, I had contemplated, Failures, Major Failures, and Oh Dear Lord, Can I do Anything Right?, but I thought that was was a little too much drama. Let’s … Continue reading

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Harvest for October

Wow, October is over!  It went by at lightning speed.  I have a feeling November is on the same trajectory.  It was a good month in the garden.  Watermelons came out.  The fall garden is in.  Things are growing… for … Continue reading

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Sick Chicken

I love having chickens.  I love the fresh eggs.  I love the compost bin filled up with chicken poo from our organically fed flock.  I would love to have a lot more of them.  The last couple of days we … Continue reading

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I’ve been reading a book called Start With the Soil.  It’s a pretty good read and a book that I will probably need to re-read a couple of times to really understand half of what is in it.  It’s full of … Continue reading

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The chickens, the Buddy fence, and more planting

In order to keep my suburban, free ranging chickens in my yard I have clipped their wings. It’s really not difficult.  My parents raised parrots for years and the concept is pretty easy.  When you look at a birds wings … Continue reading

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