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Sunchokes and Volunteers

I had read all of the horror stories of the sunchoke, otherwise known as the Jerusalem artichoke.  So I followed some advice and decided to start them in containers.  I figured this would be handy as well considering how tall … Continue reading

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Harvest for October

Wow, October is over!  It went by at lightning speed.  I have a feeling November is on the same trajectory.  It was a good month in the garden.  Watermelons came out.  The fall garden is in.  Things are growing… for … Continue reading

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The Total on the Watermelons for the Season

I’ve mentioned it before, but most things in the garden feel like an experiment.  The only thing this season that felt like a sure thing was the watermelons.  I’ve had a couple of years of experience with this particular melon … Continue reading

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Getting Fired Up

I slept in Saturday.  That doesn’t happen often, but it happened Saturday, and it was a great thing!  I finally dragged myself out of bed and felt so good I got to work right away.  Took care of the chickens, … Continue reading

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Harvest for August

Maybe I should change the name of the post to the NON-harvest for August.  It was dismal.  even the egg numbers weren’t good between the heat and vacations. Eggs – 73 Watermelons – 2 melons totaling 24.5 lbs NM Peppers … Continue reading

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