THAT Season

It’s the “why do we live here” season.

Officially it’s summer but that’s kind of a vague term here considering I have seen 100 degree temps the weekend before Thanksgiving. In other words, it’s hot.

Zucchini, oddly enough, are still producing. Tomatoes are ripening up. The bird bath worked for the most part to keep the birds off the fruit. Squirrels of course are a different matter. We’ve harvested several good sized tomatoes and I’ve been eating some very flavorful sandwiches.

Out of desperation I harvested a near 8 pound watermelon. No ripe. Very disappointing. The chickens loved it.

Waiting on several others to finally ripen.

Turns out ONE sweet potato survived the pests. I’ll plant a few more and hope for the best.

Pomegranates are getting bigger but not quite ripe yet. Again, I hope we can get some good fruit before the squirrels pillage them.

Grapes were small but good flavor and quantity. I literally did nothing for these. That’s my favorite kind of plant right there.

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