What God Taught Me in the Garden This Week, Oct 16, 2014

Water is essential in the garden.  Without it nothing will grow.  In the heat of summer it only takes a day for many plants to wither and fade beyond recovery.  It feeds and nourishes.

There are signs near Blythe, CA on I-10 that say it very clearly, “Food grows where water flows.”

Very true.

So, I water, and water, and water.  Especially with new sprouts coming up.  Consistent moisture is so important.

Now, I know the water that I normally use is not the best.  It has chlorine and other additives.  It is far from pure and far from ideal.

Still, it is better than nothing and the plants still grow.  Not as well as they could, but they still grow.

Rain water is the best.  Of course, we just don’t get very much of it around here.  When we do it is incredible, the plants seem to go crazy.  It has everything they need without all of the garbage thrown in.  The garden drinks it in and erupts with new growth.  It’s always impressive.

I like to read to learn.  I rarely read fiction.  I recently read The Circle Maker and I am currently reading Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian LifeBooks like this push me.  They challenge me where I am. They are useful. I enjoy them.

Of course, there is something about the Bible.  God’s word is powerful.  It impacts you where you are.  It can be simple enough for a young child to understand and challenging enough for the most astute scientist searching for real truth.  I recently taught a room full of children about the story of Moses. I was also recently taught about the electrical characteristics of the cosmos and how the physical characteristics of plasma line up perfectly with the descriptions of the firmament in scripture.

It really is amazing.

Numerous times I’ve read through a scripture that I am very familiar with, yet because of the season of life that I am in or because of recent events, God opens up a whole new level of understanding for me.  The words don’t change, but the impact certainly does.

It’s the pure water that we really need.  The rest is good, but the good book is the best.

Have you spent time in the word today?  Did you know that if you read just four chapters in the Bible a day, you would read through the whole Bible in less than a year?  Four chapters isn’t much, but it is nourishing.  Drink it in and you are sure to grow.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend.  God bless!


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3 Responses to What God Taught Me in the Garden This Week, Oct 16, 2014

  1. Rain barrels should be on your list for Santa. 🙂

  2. nebraskadave says:

    Keith, the Word of God is truly the water of life. Every time I read through the Bible different things come to the surface that I haven’t seen before. Like you say events during the year have a way of looking differently at the biblical words of wisdom. Being in the garden always brings be closer to creation and God.

    Have a great teaching time in the garden day.

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